Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Real Freedom

Classes are over, the 6.115 project worked just enough and just long enough to get checked off, the project got written up, and the paper got done after a very long night. I saw the sun rise, went through a surreal sleep-deprived last day of undergrad classes ever, then slept forever.

I should have tons more time for running, and I do, if only the weather (and my new agenda) would cooperate a little better. After a joint birthday party Saturday night, I managed to run on Sunday, when the weather got pretty hot (11 am is not the best time of day to sweat), but I think if I practice my body can get used to some reasonable heat for summer. That was an awesome day because later I went to the Friendly Toast with my hall, which is one of the best brunch places nearby. We did have to wait a while, but it was worth it. Plus, everything tastes better after a run.

Yesterday was my one and only final, with cheat sheets and all. Controls. I wasn't too worried beforehand, and my grades are solid so far. I did find myself being a bit hand-wavey, but not enough to make me actually worry--I feel safe assuming most everyone else found it just as tricky if not more.

On the agenda from now until commencement, June 4: sell some of my stuff, pack up the rest, get loose ends tied up, celebrate my actual birthday, and spend time with all my friends who are going to disappear soon. And run! Today is a lovely Boston 50 degrees and rainy, but I'll see what I can do. The weekend promises heat...

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