Sunday, May 9, 2010


...Well, almost. I've made it through a night or two without a coughing fit and during the day it's barely there, so I'm ready to start running again! Good news is, I've been able to get sleep, and my project now works (at least what I've done so far). And I only have one final (controls) which will be totally straightforward and come with cheat sheets, and be at the reasonable hour of 1:30 pm on a Tuesday instead of 9. The bad news is that HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I have until Thursday to get the whole micro-controller project running, write it all up properly, AND do an 8-10 page paper for my HASS (humanities class). (Other good news: I got an A+ on my last paper, so I'm not too worried; it's just that I need that time for other things that are more relevant...)

So it looks like I'm not getting much quality rest this week either. At least I won't be coughing up a lung while I'm mourning the lost sleep, definitely an improvement. And looking forward to sweating over a run, instead of my schoolwork!

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