Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Feeling Terrible

Ugh, getting more sleep would be easier if I could actually sleep through the night. For the past four nights I've lost anywhere from a half hour to 90 minutes of sleep because I'm having an extended coughing fit. So 6 hours of sleep becomes 5, 7 and a half becomes 6, etc. After a while it's starting to take a toll. I even skipped sailing class today, since having a coughing fit on the water surrounded by 15 other boats doesn't sound fun. I have yet to determine if this is allergies or a virus, but the latter would be preferable. I'm doubtful, though, because other than my throat and my lack of sleep, I'm fine.

At least things seem to be getting better with lab. I can almost make my bugs go away and come back at will by tapping the board, so I'm bringing it to the prof today to make sure nothing is loose. Running, unfortunately, will have to wait until I can actually breathe.

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