Thursday, May 20, 2010

All Greens and Grays

Yesterday was one of my favorite runs so far. I only intended to go on a 3-mile loop, but I felt so good I extended it to another bridge and did 4.5 again. The 55-degree air plus drizzly mist made the water look picturesque--the sky and river were both gray, with misty bridges off in the distance, and a few lonely sailboats bobbing up and down on the water. On land everything was brown with vivid shades of green that popped. I felt like I was running through a Hayao Miyazaki film, at the spots on my route where I could ignore the presence of cars. And, as cool as my new sunglasses are, it was nice to go without.

I felt faster too. Not having wind in my face meant I did this run 6 minutes faster than last time, even though I got a stitch as I was coming back to the Cambridge side. And I've found that other runners are friendlier when the weather is "bad"--something about rain brings out more camaraderie, and I exchanged a smile or a wave with more than half of the runners passing in the the other direction.

Unfortunately for my sleeping-in habit, the next few days will be very hot (75-80) around the afternoon/evening. Maybe I should start setting my alarm with more enthusiasm.

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