Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gorgeous Day (Also, I'm Slow)

Today was a perfect day to run, and I had plenty of company. I love running along the Charles on a day like this because on one side I have water and sailboats, and on the other rolling grassy mounds and trees in bloom. Two scenes for the price of one.

Of course, having so many other people around means I'm getting passed. A lot. Seriously, the only other runners I pass are going in the opposite direction. So my straight-ahead view is other people's backs, getting smaller and smaller.

I refuse to get frustrated--all the more reason to run some more, so I can get better. Today I wore my heart-rate monitor, so I actually timed myself too. 3 miles in 34:26--eek, that's a lot worse than other times I've come back from a hiatus. I did try some other paths that led me in wrong directions today, so I blame that too.

Still, I am trying. Pretty damn hard. My watch tells me that my average heart rate was 185, and I know I saw a 197 there at one point. If you subscribe to the whole (max = 220-age) thing, I got really close to my max, though I didn't really feel that way. I'd be curious to see what my max really is, but I'm tired enough today. I can tell I'm going to feel this tomorrow too.

Oops, and it's time to go to lab--the powers that be have kindly opened it up on this beautiful Saturday, and I can't help feeling guilty when it's open and I'm not there. Let's hope things work today.

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  1. first p0st!!!11
    also, it is a gorgeous day :)